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Welcome to our bastion for those to come needing a dose of real Florida.

Introduction to the Picayune Nature Club

Welcome to the PNC!

The Picayune Nature Club (PNC) is a non-profit Florida Corporation formed 5 years ago as a place for people to connect and gather for the benefit of Picayune Strand State forest. 

A hot spot for information exchange and creation of opportunities to help our local and newest State Forest to be the best it can be. A place for us to serve and be proud of. 

The Picayune Strand State Forest is extremely unique in many ways.

Picayune Access Plan

Overall layout of Forest showing old and new roads and trails as known 

picayune forest access recreational plan (jpg)


The PNC Blog

Hello and glad you can share your thoughts and Ideas with us. Ask questions or offer answers and share ideas. There is nothing in terms of creative thought or general curiosity about the Picayune Strand that is ever out of bounds on this page.

We most always have someone out here so immediate questions about current conditions can be talked about and reported. Historical knowledge about things long gone is really great to know about too.

About Us

An ancient flag pond comes back to life.

After decades of neglect and impending doom, a new place for life and renewal is there to be discovered at every turn.

One of the greatest natural restoration achievements in the history of mankind.

3 new pump stations have been designed and installed by the State of Florida and the United States Army Corps of engineers for the purpose of maintaining a natural sheet flow effect for the sole purpose of greatly improving the water quality and subsequently all life as well exisitng of  in it's strands, wetlands and estuaries of Southwest Florida.

Looking south from where the water flows.

The land is improving but has a long ways to go. The animals are thriving but also need a lot more. A place here and now where like minded people can contribute to the health and well being of future generations starting now.

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The PNC exists to bring people together who love Picayune Strand Statre forest and want to help.

We appreciate each and every  member, so feel free to call anytime to just talk or arrainge a time to visit in person and get to know more about each other.

the Picayune Nature Club

Snake Pit Camp 6040 Goshen Ave, Naples, Florida

(239) 353-1648 - please leave a message if we're out.