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Introduction to the Picayune Nature Club

Welcome to the PNC!

The Picayune Nature Club (PNC) is a non-profit Florida Corporation formed 7 years ago as a place for people to connect and gather for the benefit of Picayune Strand State forest. 

A hot spot for information exchange and creation of opportunities to help our local and newest State Forest to be the best it can be. The third largest in the State,  it is a place filled with natural life for us to serve and be proud of. 

The Picayune Strand State Forest is extremely unique in many ways.


About the PNC


We provide events for people of all back grounds to appreciate and learn about the forest.

Volunteer Opportunities

The PNC provides venues for those willing to help directly with their hands.

Donate for constructive change.

We fund raise with our events and accept donations given directly to help Picayune Strand State Forest.

All money goes for the benefit the forest.  No salaries or profit for anyone in any way. Picayune Nature Club, Inc. - State of Florida Registered Non-profit.

Doc. # N 13000000325. The mission of PNC is simple and recorded with the State of Florida Division of Corporations. The PNC exists for "the benefit of Picayune Strand State Forest".  That's it period.

How to be a member.

The following is how one can be a member of the PNC for 1 year.

Do at least 2 of the following:

1. Pay an annual membership fee of $25.00.

2. Participate/volunteer for at least 1 day per year in a PNC event.

3. Send us a picture of you hugging a native Florida tree of which we can   publish on our site as per your approval.*  

*Only has to be done once, and can be applied  w/ #1 or #2 above in perpetuity every year for renewal. This is new and no one has been posted yet. But we look forward to posting pics on this site coming soon.

The PNC Blog

Hello and hope you will share your thoughts with us, ask questions or offer answers and share ideas. There is an open mind in terms of creative and provocative insights or general curiosity about the Picayune Strand and nothing constructive is out of bounds on this page. We almost always have someone out here so immediate questions about current conditions can be talked about and reported. Historical knowledge about things long gone is welcomed as well as any personal experiences and anecdotes.

About Picayune Strand State Forest

What is Picayune Strand and why is it important?



Picayune Strand Forest is made up of two main tracts of land acquired by eminent domain, inverse condemnation and willing sellers.

While we don't necessarily agree with some of the tactics used by elements employed by the State to gain control of these 80,000 or so acres, the results of protecting habitat for wildlife, flood control and curtailing urbanization is infinitely better than that of the typical urban sprawl that would ultimately result in the predictable real estate market's path of rezoning land for "Highest and Best" use adaptations which equates to gas stations, housing developments, shopping centers, chemical run off, trash, deforestation, etc...

This forest is a key component of the "Save our Everglades" program that's intended to filter and clean up the water flowing out to the 10,000 islands estuary of southwest Florida and ultimately out to Florida Bay and onto the coral reefs still living along Florida Keys and the Florida straits. This land is under the ownership of South Florida Water Management and run by the Florida Forest Service. A lot of good things have happened over the last decade to restore a great deal of the Forest and more work has been planned to occur over the next few years or so.  Again , water quality is the main goal of the restoration along with the benefit  of a much better ecology and better place to live.

One of the greatest natural restoration achievements in the history of mankind.


3 new pump stations have been designed and installed by the State of Florida and the United States Army Corps of engineers for the purpose of maintaining a natural sheet flow effect for the  purpose of greatly improving water quality and subsequently all life as well existing in it's strands, sloughs, wetlands and estuaries of Southwest Florida.

Looking south from where the water flows.


The land is improving but has a long ways to go. The animals are thriving but also need a lot more. A place here and now where like minded people can contribute to the health and well being of future generations starting now.

 A huge problem we are now facing is exotic plants and animals that are still thriving here. It's better, but the PNC sees a way for the public to help the Forest service to mitigate the situation .

An ancient flag pond comes back to life.


 After decades of neglect and impending doom, a new place for life and renewal is there to be discovered at every turn. 

Become a Member

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Drop us a line!

The PNC exists to bring people together who love Picayune Strand Statre forest and want to help.

We appreciate each and every  member, so feel free to call anytime to just talk or arrainge a time to visit in person and get to know more about each other.

the Picayune Nature Club

Physical Location: 6040 Goshen Street, Naples, Florida -------------- Mail: 5721 Lee Williams Rd. Naples FL 34117

(239) 353-1648 - please leave a message if we're out.

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